How To Maintain a Recliner Chair – Top 5 Tips

If you own a recliner chair in your home then you’re quite familiar with the level of comfort and functionality it possesses. There’s nothing more relaxing than plopping down on you r recliner chair after a long hard day. They have the ability to do more than what regular sofas or chairs can do and that’s what people love about them.

Recliners are more than just comfortable seating. They can be your shoulder to cry on after a big break up, they are your movie companion on nights when friends are too busy to join you, they’re your favorite napping place when you’re too tired to make it to the bed, they’re the comfy desk alternative where you can do work on your lap top or read a good book, and mostly they’ll always be there for you whenever you need them. And even though they don’t ask anything in return, you can show your gratitude by maintaining their high quality features and reclining abilities.

These top 5 tips on maintaining a recliner chair will help you take care of your recliner like the way it’s been taking care of you all of these faithful months and years.

  1. Dusting your recliner regularly is not only beneficial for the chair but also for the person who’s sitting on the chair. As many people know, dust can quickly accumulate on surfaces especially fabrics like cotton or microfiber. So giving your recliner a quick dusting would keep it clean and dust free, which is great for people who have allergies or are sensitive to dust. Plus, no one would ever want to sit on a dusty piece of furniture.
  2. Be sure to wipe away stains immediately. The longer you wait, the deeper the stain will set in and become harder to clean. When it comes to wiping away spots and stains off your recliner, do so with a damp clean cloth. Avoid completely soaking the cloth as the excess water can get absorbed into the recliner which may cause more harm than good, especially if you have an electric recliner. And if you accidentally get grease or oil stains on your recliner, don’t use regular soap to try and clean it up. Instead, use specialize furniture cleaning products. For leather or suede recliners with grease and oil stains, take some cornstarch or talc powder and sprinkle some on the area. Let it sit overnight so the powder can absorb and lifts the oil, then take a dry clean cloth and wipe the powder away.
  3.  Clean in between cracks and crevices of your recliner often. Many times dust, small objects, and crumbs can fall into these areas and are almost impossible to see. So just assume that they’re there and use a vacuum or vacuum extension to clean these areas thoroughly.
  4. Place your recliner in an area where it can be spaced away from other furniture or objects like the wall or coffee table. You want to make sure that the recliner has plenty of leg room and reclining space. Placing the chair in small area might prevent you from reclining in the chair. And if the recliner constantly hits the wall or table every time it reclines the chances of getting scuff marks and scratches can be pretty high. Another thing about placement is that you never want to put your recliner in an area that gets a lot of direct sunlight. Constant exposure to the sun can either dry out its surface; result in cracks, or cause the color or design of the recliner to fade. Mild temperatures and cool dry areas are perfect for recliners, especially if they’re leather.
  5.  Use all mechanisms of the recliner gently and carefully. While recliners by themselves are completely safe, taking advantage of their reclining abilities and playing with built in features like a massager or heating pad too often can eventually cause the recliner to break down. When pulling the side handle on a manual recliner, be sure to hold firmly and pull slowly until the footrest and back of the chair come to a complete stop.

For electric recliners, make sure all the buttons work and the mechanism function smoothly. You can do this by giving it a quick check up every so often. Also, don’t let children play or jump on the recliners as this can also mess up the mechanics and cause internal as well as external damage.

While doing these things, be sure to remember how awesome your recliner has been to you so you can put in the time and effort necessary to maintain your favorite chair.