Field Notes Memo Books & Accessories

The history of the Field Notes brand is a testament to the enduring charm of simple yet thoughtfully crafted notebooks. Founded in 2007 by Aaron Draplin and Jim Coudal, Field Notes was born out of a desire to create practical, pocket-sized notebooks that could accompany individuals on their everyday journeys. Inspired by vintage agricultural memo books and a nostalgia for analog writing tools, the brand struck a chord with people seeking a tangible connection to their thoughts and experiences in an increasingly digital world. The inaugural "County Fair" edition captured the essence of the brand, featuring simple, rugged designs reminiscent of classic American craftsmanship. As Field Notes grew in popularity, it introduced limited editions, collaborations, and themed collections, each with a unique story to tell. With a commitment to quality, durability, and the celebration of the mundane and extraordinary moments of life, Field Notes has become an iconic brand for those who appreciate the beauty of the ordinary and the joy of putting pen to paper.